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cane corso temperament

Our breeding program focuses on health, stable temperments, intelligence, confirmation and functionality. Music and SFX: (30day free trial)The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff with impeccable guarding and companion qualities. His temperament was pliable, and his physical capabilities considerable. Loyal. As Canadians and "appassionati" of this breed we are proud to promote and preserve one of Italy's great molosser dogs. Both the parent breeds are very similar in size and temperament. Aug 17, 2015 - The Cane Corso is a large Italian breed of dog, for years valued highly in Italy as a companion, Guard dog and hunter. Cane Corso. Temperament. The Alapaha originates in southern Georgia (United States). Legendary is the home of the working Cane Corso. They are confident and always up for challenges. Why do we feel a Cane Corso must have a great temperament? The Cane Corso has a very good reputation for having an even temperament, neither aggressive nor placid, docile or overly energetic. Is A Cane Corso Needy ? Cane Corso Puppie Both parents onsite There is 1 female available. They are eager to please the family and will happily join in outdoor activities and adventures. Hypoallergenic: No. She was the largest female of the litter. Cane Corso Dog Temperament Testing . Derrière ses airs de colosse se cache un chien sensible et dévoué à sa famille, qui ne supporte pas d'être séparé de ses maîtres trop longtemps. Training. However, his dominating personality might be trouble sometimes to a novice owner. … The Cane Corso pronounced kah-neh kor-so is a large dog breed of Southern Italian origins that is used as a guardian, and for protection, tracking and as a police dog. While the Cane Corso is a highly intelligent dog that is responsive to training and can be taught to perform well at quite a few different jobs, the breed (as a whole) does not match up to other breeds that have been bred over many years to have a specific set of temperament traits that allow them to excel in different areas. As a breed, the Cane Corso is intelligent, assertive and confident. Social. A true Cane Corso is always cheerful. Those characteristics are what make him an exceptional protector of his family and home. We believe a Cane Corso should be a strong, stable guardian and that is what we aim to produce. It is quiet, safe around children, and loves them. The Blue Blood Cane Corso is a hybrid of the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog and the Cane Corso. Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Cane Corso: Behavior, Temperament & Personality With the heart of a lion, goofy affection, and unquestioned dependability, the Cane Corso is a true treasure for the experienced dog handler. The wait would be worth it in the end because you will have a quality Cane Corso puppy that has been temperament and health tested to match what you need. We welcome new members and young energy. Personality: Cane Corsos have a highly devoted, loyal, affectionate personality. Our dogs develop a unique bond with their family and pack members, which makes them exceptional protectors. Wikipedia. Courageous. Cane Corso temperament. They love their family. Generally, giant dog breeds have a much shorter lifespan than most. They are loving with children and family, and are easily trained. Male. Welcome to Primo Cane Corso. They are an unequalled protector of the owners and their property. This dog was unconquerable, tenacious, resistant to pain and eager to serve humans. Taille. Temperament, Health and Performance. Post navigation ← Previous Post. Le Cane Corso est un grand chien d'origine italienne. Info. 62 à 68 cm pour le mâle et 58 à 64 cm pour la femelle. Lifespan. It loves its family; however, it is never showy. Cane Corso Facts. The Cane Corso typically has fewer health issues than the English Mastiff. These are the personality which makes the Cane Corse an exceptional protector of the family. The Cane Corso is very loyal and protective of his family. Temperament matters when choosing a family pet. If he is not socialized properly he could confuse your guests with intruders. Life span: 10-11 years. They could easily run full speed for many miles at a time. Next time you choose to get a dog, make sure you pay attention to their temperament rather than simply getting distracted by looks. Cane Corso Temperament. They need proper social training which is the difficult part when it comes to Cane Corsos. The Labrador Corso is the puppy product of his purebred parents, the Cane Corso and Labrador Retriever. We believe in producing dogs that are true to the old type – in temperament & appearance. The Cane Corso is a dedicated protector and incredibly loyal, with appropriate work: they are stable in temperament and very obedient. The coat is short and is manageable but in colder areas undercoat may be present increasing the amount of hair shed by the dog. Plans fell through now she is available. Knows When To Protect SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PICS More Info On Winter: Winter is a great Cane Corso! After a group of enthusiasts banded. Share. Cane Corso dogs are smart and easily trainable. Italie. Our dogs are ICCF/AKC registered, raised on an all natural raw diet for the best development and participate in confirmation and are going to start working sports soon. The appearance is leaner and athletic than say the English Mastiff. On average, the Mastiff lives between 6 to 10 years, compared to the Cane Corso, who enjoys 9 to 12 years. They are a “family-only” type of dog and are not interested in animals or people outside of their family unit. The Cane Corso (KAH-NEY KORSO) is a rare I talian Mastiff that was brought back in the late 80's. Canes are amazing family dogs due to their affectionate and protective nature, especially with children. Temperament; Health; Grooming; Adaptability; Activity level; Contact; Temperament. A Cane Corso temperament is no different than most dogs, so they can make excellent companions whether you live alone or have lots of kids and pets. Cane Corso temperament. Temperament Aloof around strangers, protective, and loyal, this breed does make a good companion. Watch later. Cane Corso: Other names: Cane Corz, Italian Mastiff, Cane Di Macellaio: Origin: Italy: Breed Group: Working (AKC:2010) Guardian Dogs (UKC) Size: Large: Type: Purebred: Life span: 10-11 years: Temperament: Cheerful. Average lifespan of the Cane Corso dog is between 10 and 12 years. Something many Cane Corso breeders have overlooked is Form follows Function. If trained and socialized as a puppy, they will fare well in a multi pet household and should not see smaller pets as prey. Temperament and Personality Traits of Cane Corso. Meaning that the Cane Corso Lab mix has everything he needs to also make an awesome family dog. Cane Corso is athletic, powerful, and has a naturally dominating personality. He is happiest when he has a job to do. Copy link. Cane Corso Temperament. Explaining the process is important so to understand the extensive work involved in raising great puppies. Meet our Cane Corso parents and their puppies. Feeding . Watch later. She has such a nice head for a female corso. Cane Corsos are quiet, loving, and very caring for their family. One hour north of Los Angeles, California. Collectively, and over many years, each of these elements have had a part in the development, morphology and temperament of a true Cane Corso Italiano. It is a sensitive dog that always has an air of seriousness. The “Otto,” as the Alapaha was often referred to, was the product of a line of dogs bred by Papa Buck Lane. Aug 29, 2019 - The Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff, is a strong and noble breed that was almost wiped out in the mid twentieth century. Origine . The Cane Corso and his talents, forged by the Romans, were perfectly suited to the labors of farm life. Shopping. Fort, puissant et toujours vigilant, il est un chien de garde hors-pair. This guide is a must-read for all those who are thinking about welcoming this mixed breed … Our dogs are bred for performance and NO were not talking about walking around a dog show ring.

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